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Directions: Below, you'll notice that I've listed my favorite number. Collect the favorite numbers of all the authors on the blue team, and then add them up (don't worry, you can use a calculator!). 

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Today, I am hosting EMIL SHER on my website for the YA Scavenger Hunt!


Board books. Picture books. Young adult novels. Stage plays and screenplays. Emil has more hats than there are hours in a day, which explains the bags under his eyes. 

Find out more information by checking out Emil's website or find more about Emil's book here: YOUNG MAN WITH CAMERA


YOUNG MAN WITH CAMERA is about a young man who must make a moral choice about crime and punishment, a gifted photographer who stands at a crossroads and must choose between what he knows to be true and the price to be paid for staying silent. This is a story about a boy, his camera and a singular perspective that gives him an uncommon strength.


Young Man with Camera

Deleted Scene

A door opened and a man walked in.  He was wearing a bland suit and a bland tie.  He had a bland face. Maybe when you work at a crematorium everything starts feeling bland so you start dressing that way and eating that way until everything is bland, 24/7.  I bet he drove a bland car that he parked in front of his bland house.  Most people probably aren’t in the mood for a Mickey Mouse tie when they talk about cremation but I didn’t see how more Mickey and less bland could hurt.  Some people would say it’s disrespectful towards the person who died but why the heck would a person who is already dead want every smile snipped until there was nothing but these stone faces. 

We’re ready for you now.

He stuck his hand out and said his name was Bill White (a bland name).  When I shook his hand he said I have one just like you at home, as if I was made in a factory.

You have a family? Woman Wailing asked.  

Bill White smiled.  He had nice teeth but a sprinkle of sugar in a bowl full of bland doesn’t make a heck of a difference.

A fourteen-year old and a twelve-year old.  

Even though he was uber bland I bet every kid at his kids’ school wished he was their father for one day so he could take them to the crematorium on Take Your Kid to Work day.  

Were you close to your grandmother?

I didn’t know what Bill White was talking about.  

Oh, no, no,Woman Wailing said.  Conrad’s not mine. He’s here to keep me company.

Bill White’s eyebrows did a bit of a What the Heck?dance but the dance didn’t last too long.

All righty, then.  Let’s get started.

We followed Bill White across the cemetery to an old stone building that looked like it belonged in one of Sean’s mystery books set in England, with lots of fog and pale people who spoke with British accents.  Bill White was pale but his accent was as boring as his mouseless tie. Bill White led us to the back of the building.  There were these rollers like you see at grocery stores where they roll the boxes along until it slides down a ramp and into a delivery truck.  Only instead of grocery boxes they roll coffins, which are closed so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out the way I’ve seen grapefruits tumble out of a box and fall onto the floor. 

Bill White explained that coffins arrive all day long from different funeral homes (as if it was a real home, with a kitchen and bedrooms and a living room with uncoffee tables).  

We average about two hundred cremations a year.

Woman Wailing nodded.  I couldn’t tell if she thought it was a lot or a little. I wondered what people did with the ashes.  Some people scatter them but what if it’s a windy day and you end up with your face covered with Uncle Floyd? Woman Wailing said she was going to keep her mother’s ashes in a pickle jar because her mother hated pickles and that keeping her mother in a pickle jar would give herthe last wordbecause all her life her mother always had to have the last word (as if words were chocolates and Woman Wailing was always left with the wrappers).


Well, what is it Kim?



Starr Fall Original 2019.jpg

Starr had planned the perfect future... 

College. Law School. President of the United States.

The Organization decided on a different path for her.

Now she’s faced with an impossible choice,

Go on the run,

or become theassassinthey want her to be. 

Christian ignored his feelingsfor Starr as long as he could.

When she disappears, he must save her.

Starr’s not a damsel in distress,

but that won’t stop Christian—

Because the Organization won’t rest

until they’ve collected their top recruit.

Think Jason Bourne’s little sister meets Pretty Little Liars.

Ohhhhhhh, and Ahhhhhhhhhhh with me!

And did I mention it's only $.99 ON AMAZON???? 

Kim, are you crazy? 

Yes, yes, I am. 

IF YOU WANT YOU'RE OWN COPY OF THE new and improved STARR FALL here it is...


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